It’s the one we have been waiting for. Legendary Manchester party Homoelectric have just announced their first ever festival HOMOBLOC, and the lineup, quite frankly, is EPIC!

Promoting a gender boundary free ethos, everyone is welcome. The FINA Agency is buzzing to be represented by Crazy P and Luke Solomon who will play alongside RobynTodd Terje, Roisin Murphy, Jayda G, Honey Dijon, The Black Madonna, Midland, Palms Trax, Larry Heard, Hunee and Optimo to name but a few.

Here’s what they say…

This is the place.. Homobloc is a queer block party for all. For Homos, Hetros, Lesbos, Don’t Knows and Disko Asbos. All of us. Love is the message. • There shall be no fighting, blighting, shiteing, celebrity sighting or ego biting. We are gender bender strobe-light honeys. We are Chaka Khan. Chaka Chaka Khan. • We are a black heart Disko. No fakers, mugs or thugs. Music is life. We are the late night disenfranchised and this is our church. Stay free. • Forget Brexit cul de sac fundamentalists blaming immigrants. We are tops off evangelism. So fuck fashionable negativity, let’s fly the flag for all things passionate and real. Love saves the day. • Dirty is truth. Dirty is the heart and soul. We are the dirty bastards. It’s time to return to the source. Back to basics with vocals from heaven, odd numbers and basslines. • Listen without prejudice. In a magical hidden Manchester warehouse. Love is lit. • This is our place. A place where we can dance till we are free.
In a magical old warehouse in the east of the city centre lies the majestic Depot at Mayfield. Through the cracks there is life and hope. 10,000 souls all under one roof.
Join us and unite the clans. Spread love –
Homobloc – Manchester – The Depot, Mayfield – 09/11/19