Without Ibiza, there’d be no Alfredo, and without Alfredo, Ibiza would sound very different. Arriving on the island in 1976 from his native Argentina, he initially scraped as a bar man, candle maker and designer before starting to DJ. Soon after, he set about laying down the blueprint of the Balearic sound, which still resonates today. In fact, his wild but well-informed eclecticism is still very much the sound most associated with Ibiza, but has now also influenced legions of young, deep-digging DJs who mix up sounds outside the usual 4/4 norms at clubs and festivals all over the world.


Most famously, Alfredo solidified the Balearic sound with key residencies as legendary clubs like Amnesia from 1984. He played seven hours a night, six nights a week for six years, before later moving on to Pacha, Manumission and Carryon and We Love Sundays at Space. Along the way, he helped popularise the first Chicago house and Detroit techno records and was the key inspiration for the UK’s emerging acid scene. His DJ sets were, and remain, famously steamy selections that call on all forms of disco, dub and afro, pop, soul and jazz, classical and contemporary house and, of course, plenty of obscure Balearic gems old and new.

From peak time to sunset gigs that touch on soul, flamenco, Latin and downtempo, Alfredo’s sounds are characterised by a certain inescapable feeling that makes most sense in the sun. They always appeal to genuinely diverse crowds made up of all colours, sexualities and races, and very much embody the escapist sound and inclusive spirit of Ibiza. He’s even taken that to southeast Asia, where he opened the Zouk club in Singapore and has since established it as the most celebrated club in the region.

As undisputed godfather of the Balearic scene, Alfredo has put together plenty of definitive compilations such as the legendary and immediately sold out Space Ibiza Dance in 1996—the first the club ever released—The Original Sound Of Ibiza on Ministry of Sound, We Love Space compilation with Paul Woolford and The Sound of The Underground – Ibiza. Stuffed with tracks that have become utter classics thanks to Alfredo, they are historical documents which chart the musical evolution of the White Isle and dance music at large.

Multi-award winning and still in demand to play anything from beach front restaurants to world renowned super clubs, Alfredo is the man who can make jazz, new age or rock & roll all make sense in the club. He can make you sweat it out in a darkened club or make you shiver in the sun. He’s an icon of dance culture, a father of Balearic beat, and an ever-unpredictable DJ who never fails to impress.