Melody’s Enemy consist of a somewhat unorthodox pairing in modern Techno. This much-respected duo honed their craft within the drum and bass scene.

Cut to 2019, and the boys are smashing straight into the techno charts having
teamed up with the highly influential Skream.

Already regulars on his imprint, as well as Dense and Pika’s Kneaded Pains, the collaboration ‘This Is It’ is already making big waves since release last week.

As the story goes, on a flight to play a festival in Germany, the guys decided on a concept to record Ollie Skream, get a recording that showed a slice of who he really is and what he’s all about.

Add to that a full-on futuristic acid hook, with a driving energetic bassline sitting alongside Ollie’s spoken words which weave in and out between the synth and groove and you have something MEGA!

We asked the boys our 3 Golden Questions:

– What were the 1st records you bought that influenced you

Andy: My Mum always encouraged a love of music (she’s a big rock and latin music fan) so my influences are quite broad. The vocals I’ve done on our records are very much influenced by her introducing me to The Doors. The first record I bought myself that kicked off an interest in how the music was made though was LFO by LFO. I wore that 7 inch vinyl out and just remember thinking “this doesn’t sound like any instrument I’ve ever heard”. Still a banger 28 years later!

Morgan: I can’t remember what I bought first, but I had a super cool auntie who was a musician, and she used to take me to do car boot sales in South London in the 80’s when I was a kid. We’d have the car doors open, banging out early rap tapes on her stereo. She gave me Public Enemy’s first album, and I was utterly hooked. The raps, the message, the rhythms..  I’m still a huge P.E. fanboy and always will be. So much so actually that it helped inspire our name!

– What were the last records you bought

Andy: Honestly – it was our ‘This Is It’ EP with Skream on We Are The Brave. I think you’ve got to believe and invest in your music, even down to buying a copy yourself! Before that I’m not sure as we’re lucky enough to get sent a lot of decent music. I stream a lot on Spotify too so I guess that counts. Again my tastes are quite eclectic – Shy FX’s Raggamuffin Sound Tape was decent, as was the latest Foals album. Techno-wise there’s loads of stuff on Octopus that’s been floating our boat recently. Also EFB by Mark Broom on Rekids has been a mainstay in our sets.

Morgan: What Andy said! We get sent huge amounts of techno/dance stuff! Yeah, love the new Mark Broom bits, and Harvey Mckay stuff. Also been diggin on some Roberto tracks from a few years ago too. So round and crunchy! Outside of that though, I still have a foot in the D&B world, and am really feeling the Lenzman album on Metalheadz, I love the warmth and the closeness of it, and the vocal work. I also have a musical crush on a relatively unknown singer and multi instrumentalist called Khadja Bonet from America,. She’s outstandingly talented. I have no idea how she’s not incredibly famous.

– What does this year have in store for you?

Andy: We’ve collaborated with Balthazar & Jackrock on something that Enrico Sangiuliano and Monika Kruze are hammering, so that’s due for a release. Plus, we’re just testing a new solo EP. Lots more music to come!

Morgan: Yeah been a big period of collaborations lately. And they’ve been great fun. Lots of mad bouts of creativity and stepping out of your comfort zone. Loving watching ‘This Is It’ and ‘5am’ do the business all over the globe too. But, as ever the life of producers is to press on regardless, so it’s a heads down, shut the door time now in our studios. There’s always more to do!

You can buy Melody’s Enemy vs Skream – ‘This Is It’ by clicking right HERE