THATMANMONKZ New Album Finally Drops

Created: 23 Oct 2019 / Categories: Thatmanmonkz

We here at The FINA Agency have been waiting for this album to drop.

Since Thatmanmonkz' 'Columbusing' came out in 2016, we have been hooked on his timeless sound, which seems to transition effortlessly from house to disco to soul and everything in between.

Non Zero Sum Game strikes us as something that can be played over and over again in any situation - before a night out, to fill a party dance floor, or to soothe the aftermath. It already feels like a classic.

The thought and love that has gone into the production is overtly apparent, but it isn't contrived in any way.

But that's kind of THATMANMONKZ in a nutshell...

It's already available on shiny vinyl, but the digital drops this Friday 25th October. Order yours right HERE

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Here's what some of his peers have to say:


LAURENT GARNIER - OHHH FUCK. This is absolutely awesome. Thanks a million times.

JOSH WINK - LP is quality all over the place goodness.

SOUL CLAP - Thatmanmonkz is a music making BEAST. Lots of incredible content here, can’t wait to get more closely aquatinted with it all. Big support.

OSUNLADE - love the ole skool low fi here..gimme gimme gimme!

LUKE SOLOMON/DEFECTED - Oh this is so dope. Major love.

JIMPSTER/ FREERANGE/ DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR - This is lovely, as expected! Proper raw, wonky basement jamz with that unique monkz twist.

BYRON THE AQUARIUS - vibes!!! all day! much love and respect! thanks again for this music.

DETROIT SWINDLE - The album has a clear direction and, just the right amount of grit. 'monks is diving deep into his own sound!


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