Danielle Moore

“Performing is everything,” says Danielle Moore, and you can tell when she’s on stage. The Crazy P frontwoman is one of the most cherished and acclaimed vocalists in live music. When she is on stage, belting out all manner of catchy cosmic sounds, you cannot fail to be captivated by her energy and style. “When I’m performing, I feel like I’ve stepped into my alter ego and am able to take on any mood. It’s very empowering to become detached from my own slightly vulnerable self.” It is that charming confidence and that unique exchange of energy with the crowd which makes her every performance and utter thrill.

With Crazy P over the last 20 years, Moore has always performed each song with whichever character best articulates the lyrics or mood. She makes each show as personal as possible, connecting with each member of the audience in ways that make for lasting memories. “I want people to be sweating, buzzing, feeling alive and energised – just like we do.” She is just as animated and engaging when DJing. She plays with a smile as wide as her grooves are deep, and always manages to cook up a boisterous atmosphere that makes people forget not only where they are, but who they are.

She has done so at cult festivals like The Big Chill, Bestival and Beathearder, lighting up outdoor stages with an artistic freedom that makes for always eclectic, unpredictable and impromptu sets that capture a magical moment. She also connects with party animals at Homoelectric, XOYO or Wilde Renate in Berlin, has played a disused mansion in Colombia, and in Mexico as the waves crashed on the beach, as well as having toured all round Dubai, Australia and Europe. When Danielle plays, she pulls together everything from The Cure to Prince to Larry Heard, downbeat grooves to soul, funk, disco and house. She is also inspired by the youthful sounds coming through and mixes up their energy and genre bending visions with the things she wants to play, rather than the things she thinks you might want to hear.

Having already established her artistry with critically acclaimed Crazy P albums such as Walk Dance Talk Sing, and built on that with latest full length Age of the Ego, “which is probably the most proud I am of an album, lyrically speaking,” while she has also proudly guested on the Mavis album produced by Ashley Beedle. The future is just as bright, with more Crazy P projects in the world, as well as some planned solo works that will see Danielle showcase her own musical chops. One thing is for sure, whatever she puts her mind to, Danielle Moore never fails to make a unique and distinctive impression.