Hailing from Chicago, the city which gave birth to House music Rahaan has been spinning house and disco since the 80’s when he started playing at house parties across the city.

In the 3 decades since Rahaan has become a Chicago legend, a DJ who is widely recognised for his exceptional skills behind the decks and his exquisite taste in music. Lately he has also been earning plaudits for his production skills with some truly outstanding releases.

Recently he has released on some key labels including Lumberjacks In Hell, Street Edits and Dopeness Galore. His tracks are steeped in dancefloor groove, music made by a DJ with the sole intention of moving that floor.

Rahaan is a producer who has clearly learned his trade via many hours behind the decks studying the flow of the dancefloor and the tracks which have the power to excite and enthral.

Starting off playing from cassette tapes with a group of friends under the moniker ‘Chuck Brothers’ he started to build an extensive house and disco collection in the 90’s after a move to Wisconsin. A return to Chicago in 1996 saw him start to build his stellar reputation as one of Chicago’s stand out house and disco DJs with residencies at ‘The Spot’ and one of Chicago’s best clubs ‘Buddha Lounge’. A reputation he would cement with gigs all over the globe in the proceeding years.